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Home Equity Loans

Whether you’re financing a major purchase or consolidating debt, a home equity loan can help.

If you’re looking to consolidate your bills, fund your child’s college tuition, or even plan the wedding of your dreams, Texas Bay CU’S Home Equity Loan is a cost effective way to make your home’s value work for you.

Terms and Conditions

Closing Costs: If an appraisal is required, fees range from $350 – $475 depending on location of the property. Standard recording fees are $90. Additional recording fees may be assessed based on the number of pages.

Closing Date: Loan may not close earlier than 12 days after the application and “Texas Home Equity Consumer’s Disclosure” is received by the Credit Union.

Funding Date: Loan may not be funded until three business days after the loan has been signed.

*Fair market value will be determined by the appropriate county appraisal district’s valuation. Certified appraisals are only required for loans $100,000 and above with 70% or higher Loan to Value. A Certified Appraisal may be required for any loan at TBCU’s discretion.

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Current Rates

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